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Village of Hortonville Annexation

Village of Hortonville Proposes Annexation of Town Territory
The Village of Hortonville proposes to annex territory from the Towns of Greenville and Ellington.  The Town of Greenville opposes the annexation to protect the Town's tax base and borders.  Annexation will negatively impact the Town! Annexation from the Town will erode tax base, ultimately forcing the Town to raise taxes to maintain a consistent level of service, and by preventing long-range planning and development that are of local and regional significance.

The area proposed for annexation is shown in the area map below:
 Unknown Image

The Town of Greenville invited residents and landowners to an informational meeting on Thursday, March 22 to discuss the impacts of annexation into the Village of Hortonville and the Statutory laws that regulate the annexation process.  The following presentation was provided:

The meeting can be viewed on the Town of Greenville's YouTube channel.

The Town of Greenville is reviewing and considering all options related to protecting its territory from annexation.  These options include:
  1. Legally challenging the proposed petition for annexation when filed.
  2. Extending utility services along the STH 15 corridor to serve existing and potential development, businesses and landowners.
  3. Incorporating the Town of Greenville.
  4. Establishing boundary agreements with our neighboring municipalities.

The Town of Greenville desires to preserve our community's border and strong heritage, while protecting our future from the erosion of tax base through annexation.  The Town of Greenville will continue to update our progress as information becomes available.

Who to Contact?
Questions, comments or concerns can be directed to Town Administrator Joel Gregozeski.  Joel can be reached at (920) 757-5151 or by email at: