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The Greenville Fire Department training program for firefighters is managed by the Training Officers whose primary responsibility is to organize, develop and schedule training for all department members in compliance with federal, state or local requirements. The goal of the training officers has been, and will continue to be, to provide all department members with quality training that is specific to their job requirements yet provides them with the knowledge, skills and abilities to fulfill the mission of the department. bail out
Firefighter training is conducted on a twice monthly basis by the training officer or another department “expert” on a topic. Much of the training information is taken from the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) texts or based on NFPA standards and locally or nationally recognized acceptable practices. Because of the unique cross-staffing situation faced by a volunteer department, all firefighters are cross-trained in all aspects of every position.  This means each firefighter is trained on everything from rescue scenarios, to being on an interior hose team or to operate the engine itself.   This is different from many career departments where each of these functions is generally handled by separate crews. 
bus fire trainingTo ensure that all department members maintain proficiency in “the basics” of firefighting, training is conducted to address the “core” training priorities which include:  engine company operations, truck company operations, self-contained breathing apparatus, plus firefighter safety and self-rescue.  Crews work on not only basic firefighting skills, but also more complex operations like vehicle extrications, trench and confined space rescues, ice and water rescues, and emergency vehicle driving/operating skills.

The role of our fire department is constantly expanding every day with such things as MABAS (mutual aid box alarm system) and automatic aid with our neighboring fire departments plus concerns such as hazardous materials, WMDs, even homeland security, especially with the Appleton International Airport located right here in Greenville.  Continual and effective training can never be stressed enough.

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