Please be aware that due to construction the Greenville Village Hall will be closed to in-person business beginning July 1, 2024.


One of the most vital functions we perform for our community is providing fire inspections of commercial and industrial facilities, apartment buildings, schools and churches. There are approximately 350 inspectable occupancies within the Town of Greenville that must be inspected bi-annually. Our fire inspectors evaluate the buildings for any unsafe conditions and then work with the owner or occupant to develop measures to correct any unsafe conditions and/or fire code violations.
Greenville Fire/Rescue has a responsibility to improve the quality of fire safety in the Town of Greenville. Our guidelines concentrate on identifying unsafe conditions or deficiencies in buildings and structures. The codes are provided by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce as adopted from the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). With care and diligence, we strive to provide a reliable means to reduce the loss of life or property from fire.  Both the businesses and firefighters benefit. The businesses benefit by having safer buildings; the firefighters benefit by getting to know the buildings inside and out – useful information to have when fighting fires.